jueves, 13 de abril de 2017

Let's get started...

Newsademic #1: "European Union at 60"
Newsademic #2: "Brexit vs Remain"

After the Referendum, the British have chosen to LEAVE the EU.

The eldest want to LEAVE the EU. However, the youngest want to stay in the EU.>>>interesting! (or obvious & predictable??)


  • complete the QUESTIONS
  • complete the CROSSWORD PUZZLE
  • Add a WORLD MAP
    • highlight the countries mentioned in the article
    • look up pronuciation of each country

st :-)

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  1. I think that the fact that oldest want to stay and youngest want to leave was something predictable. Oldest people are more conservator, they prefer to feel safe and have a very deep feeling of nacionalism while the youngest feel themselves citizens of the world. They have grown up in a virtual world without boundaries, in which we can know what is going on somewhere else almost at the same time it is happening.