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History of an Empire.

Watch this video on The British Empire:


Watch the video (SEVERAL TIMES, if necessary!) and answer these questions.


  1. Make a list of the countries that were part of the British Empire.
  2. What was the "West India Company"?
  3. What happened after Britain won the Napoleonic Wars against France?
  4. Who was the "Indian Empress"?
  5. What did the British trade with their colonies?
  6. Did they promote fair trade? What do you think? 
  7. Which products were very valuable? Where did they come from?
  8. Make a chronological timeline of the colonies that left the Empire. OPTIONAL: You may consult OTHER source to complete the dates when these former colonies became independent.
  9. SONG: What FACTS do you learn when you listen to this funny song?
  1. How is the video related to our study material?
  2. How did you like this video?
  3. WHAT NEW information have you learned?

CREDITS (questions): Bárbara


stella ;-)

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  1. I think it is a very funny video about the British Empire. I didn't know that the famous " english tea" is actually original from India.
    Karina Figueroa

  2. It´s related with our study material because it refers to things that are usually related to the english culture or history but in fact came from other countries. I liked it quite a lot, it´s a very funny viedeo. I didn´t know about Humphrey Gilbert or Newfoundland.

    Agostina Sanguinetti

  3. In my Point of view, I can say that the video has a close relationship with the material that we have recently used.I think that it is so funny, because of the way of explaining, as well as it has complete contents and very important information.I learned about a man called HUMPHREY GILBERT who was a pioneer of the English colonial empire in North America.
    Cecilia sirimarco

  4. According to my point of view the video is related to our study material because there are contents similar to those we have been working on. I think the content is varied and interesting and in turn the video is quite funny.
    Of the video I learned the origin of several things for example the origin of the tea.

    Damaris martinez

  5. In my opinion, the video is closely related to our study material. For example; real World which has information about Britain and some of its colonies, the poem The British and the Short story The Promised Land, etc. I like the video because it clearly shows us how England a tiny country had a big idea and expanded its empire although they lost power over many of their colonies after the first and second war world. I learned that Queen Victoria ruler for 64 years and during her reign the British Empire expanded from West Indies to North America, Africa and Asia.

    Peñalva Carol

  6. The video is related to all the material we have been studying in class and the blog. It gives additional information in many areas, such as History, Politics, Geography and Culture. I hadn't heard about Humphrey Gilbert and didn´t know that Fidji was once part of the Empire. Mercedes Elicegui

  7. As far as I´m concerned, this video is related to the previous material we've worked on the British Empire. It adds a lot more information. I really enjoyed the song, as it shows the information in a quite informal and fun way.
    I didn´t know that Humphrey Gilbert found Newfoundland and that he died on his way back home (what a disaster!!)

    Mariana Gimenez.

  8. The video is related with our study material because we are studied the British Empire. But has a different way of telling the story. The video is funny and has an ironic way. It is dynamic. This makes that it's very entertaining.
    I like the video, but I have to say that it was a little difficult to understand.
    I learned many things as: advantajes, the expansion of the British Empire, colonies, consequences. And new vocabulary.

    Yamila Nair Aranda

  9. The video is related to our class because we're learning almost everything about Britain and its empire,and i like this video in the way that we can learn throught humour and jokes. Of course I recognize that the speed of the mans voice is amazing, its like catchy?) and i must to pay attention to follow him.
    I didn't know that tea comes from India as cotton from american, and the consequences from the colonization

    Lopez Ma Laura

  10. I agree with my classmates this video is related to our classes due to the fact that we're learning about Britain,its history, empire and these videos are a great tool to understand everything easily. The song is really catchy !
    Something new I learnt was that they buy American cotton and the fact that tea is from India !

    Atrio,Camila Ivana.

  11. The video can be related with the other video that we worked with wich was about the British Empire as well. I liked the video but I loved the song! I found out that this was a tv show called Horrible Histories, and there is lots of songs like this one about other stuff. I didn't know what the East India Company was, and also I looked up some facts about Queen Victoria and I learnt interesting things about her.

    Rocio Molinari.

  12. In my opinion, the video is related to all material that we been working so far. It´s very interesting and funny, especially the song. I learnt about the East India Company and the trade that Britain has with the different countries of the Empire.

    Luciana Campodónico.

  13. It is related to our class material for several reasons; for one, it is a concise yet useful explanation of Britain's history of trade and colonialism, and how it shaped the world in a certain way. But then it also talks about Britain's culture itself, and how things perceived as "typically British" were actually brought from their overseas territories.

    I especially enjoyed just how funny yet didactic was this video, what with the map animations, the way the man explained it so excited, and lastly that awesome and funny song+acting.

    As for things I learned that I didn't know... well, I did know about the origins of sugar and cotton, but other things like tea being from India, or the Queen's husband being german, I had no idea at all!

    ~María Nieves Bazán

  14. It is an informative video related with some things that we are studing.Is a good summary of the british empire and very interesting too because it's true that some people do not know where things come from.For example the "British tea" that is from India

  15. Sorry, I wasn't able to watch the video before, but has anyone noticed that Malvinas Argentinas are suddenly part of the british empire after world war I... XD it's funny, they didn't even put a flag on it (the guys that made the video I mean.), they said nothing about it; but still it's suddenly pink. Like... ok... We are not sure what happend here... And we don't want to ofend anyone... But its british.
    Hahaha. XD

    Noelia Barchiesi.

  16. In my opinion this video it's very interesting and funny because the man use a different way to explain the expansions of the British empire. It's entertaining and not boring. Then the song its very "catchy"! And explain.
    This video it's related to our study class because we are learning about some contents that we were working in class and it's very important to know what happened historically and how they became the British empire. The new information that I learned are the products like sugar, cotton or tea come from.

    Micaela Balderrama

  17. It's a funny video, it explains in a funny way the British empire.
    Valentina Mazas

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  19. From my point of view, the video talks about the british empire in an ironic way. It doesn't pay much attention to any topic, in fact all the information given by the "journalist" seems to be superficial. It is obviously related to our study material because it talks about the colonies and english culture, but it highlights all the things we've seen so far by adding a parody view.

    Agustina Massa

  20. I liked the video because it's a good way to complete what we are learning in class and it's also well explained but in a funny way. It doesn't talk about any specific topic but in general is has good contents.
    I learned many facts like what the West Indian Company is or about the Napoleonic Wars. Also I learned that everything I knew about ENGLISH tea is a lie.

    Paulina Capparelli.

  21. In my opinion it's an interesting video which contains drawings that called my attention.
    I think that the video is related with the contents we had been working in class like Real Word.
    Burgos Maira.

  22. The Video is related to our study material to improve our knowledge regarding the History of the Empire. The way the story showed us as a funny movie was interesting, to my point of view. The additional information about TEA belonged to India was amazing to think so!. Finally the song played was very special. Ths.
    Ruth M Gaona.

  23. 1:The video glosses over a lot of topics, most we haven't seen (at least not yet), but they are all related to Britain, which we have certainly paid attention to.
    2: The video is okay. It delivers the facts in a humorous way to make them a bit more interesting, even if i didn't find it too amusing.
    3: I didn't know Queen Victoria had married a German man.