lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Poem: The British.

This is the writer: Benjamin Zephaniah.       
Meet him and enjoy his productions. Would you like to read his biography? CLICK HERE

The poem we read belongs to this book Wicked World.

If you click HERE, you can find his own website. Enjoy it!

  • Listen to the video and read the poem at the same time.
  • Pay special attention to PRONUNCIATION AND RHYTHM! 
  • LOOK UP new words in your pronunciation dictionary, or our ON-LINE pronunciation dictionary (see right column)
  • Get ready to READ IT ALOUD.

  • paste the poem "The British"
  • underline cooking verbs
  • take a world map and highlight the countries were conquerors/immigrants have come from (e.g. Rome, Chile , ...)

stella :-)

3 comentarios:

  1. What an interesting and ispirational story!!! It makes me think of the differences of concepts we have been raised through and the responsability teachers and educators have on their shoulders, how the commitment of a teacher can change someone else life.

  2. I had no idea about how many different people of different nationalities have contributed to give Britain its own culture!!! It was surprising for me to read about Chileans, Jamaicans, Dominicans and others.

    On the other topic, what a lot of cooking verbs!!! I can´t even use them in my own language!!! Needless to say I'm not a great cook...

  3. HA HA! No tiem for cooking!.
    You're right: Zephaniah is an excellent poet, with easy words, he creates deep poems.
    st ;-)