viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

"Hullabaloo in the Tree."

Read the short story and answer these questions,  We' re going to discuss them in class next Wednesday.

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The first part of the story:
 1) Who uses the words "disrespect" and "indiscipline"? Do you think the words match the impression you get of the children?
2) Do you agree that children talking like this are typical "Western"?
3) When the kid replies: "The problem is…he's a brown face", what do you think the father has said about his friend?

The last part of the story:
1) Look at the lines of the characters, e.g "I'm coming to get you ball…just you wait…ball".  How does the language differ from the language of the third person narrator?
2) Why are the descriptions of the tree so detailed, and what does the tree symbolize?
3) When you look at the father's memory of his papa, what is your impression of the papa as a character? Give examples from the text.
4) What is your impression of the other men in the street?
5) Why is it stressed that "Papa had never thought of children as an obstacle, or nuisance. They were everywhere, part of life"?
6) What do you think Papa would have thought of his grandchildren?
7) What is your impression of the man who gets the ball out of the tree?
8) When they leave the park, why are they described as "the family caravan"?
9) Look at the sentence "If children, like desire, broke up that which seemed settled, it was a virtue." What does it mean?
10) Do you only get the father's point of view in the story, or can you find examples of anyone else's opinions? Explain.

For a thematic reading of the whole story:
1) How does the father resemble his papa?
2) How do you think the father feels about his cultural background?
3) What does the father learn from the experience with the tree?


Paste these questions and answers on your portfolio.



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