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On Friday 31st

  • I'm going to SIGN the cards of the students who have already passed the subject.

MAKE UP TEST: we're going to EVALUATE students on FRIDAY 31. So STUDY for this Friday, it's going to be your LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pls, RE-READ "The Ghost Upon the Rail" for next class.

Those whose PORTFOLIOS were incomplete, make use of time & try to complete them ASAP.



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A TECHIE QUIZ: Scots Free?


1- What is Annie Lennox´s nationality?

Visit her FB, available at: https://www.facebook.com/annielennox/

2- What have you learned from her? From her country? (=What information have you obtained? SHARE it with the rest!)

3- Why is this picture significant?

4- What happened on September 18th?

5- Who can complete the phrase? S__________ R_________

6- What is the TREATY OF YORK? Click HERE and re-write the answer (use your own words)

7- Put these words in the logical order
Scottish Referendum: independant/ ?/ Scotland/ should/   an/ be/ country/

8- What did the Scots decide?

9- Scots Free? Visit National Geographic Education>>> click HERE and read the answers to SOME of these questions

  •  Who can vote in the Scottish referendum?
  • If Scotland votes yes, will everyone living in Scotland be considered Scottish, even if they have citizenship elsewhere?
  • Would Scotland develop its own currency (the Scottish pound)?
  • Would Scottish independence put  Queen Elizabeth II out of a job in Scotland?
  • Would Scotland be a member of the European Union? of NATO?
  • What does oil have to do with Scottish independence?
  • How do James Bond and Harry Potter feel about the referendum? 
10- WHAT IS ANNIE LENNOX'S POSITION? Read today (Sept.19) tweet in her TWITTER account:
"The total turn out for yesterday's historic vote was 84.5% with 55% voting No and 45% voting Yes. For those who must feel deeply disappointed I think that they must now commit to ensuring that the promises made for change are committed to and followed through."

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Listen to Annie Lennox's song and GOOGLE the LYRICS. Listen to it and read it at the same time. Sing along if you feel like it!
Remember to paste the lyrics in your Portfolio!

Reflect upon her message behind the song and attempt an answer (or SEVERAL)
  1. Why is the song called "Sing"?
  2. There are many women and children in the video. Why?
  3. What is the purpose of the last image (the baby, minute 4:00)
  4. How are the lyrics of the song related to the topic(s) discussed in class?
  5. What does the "Sing Campaign" mean? 
  6. Is it relevant, in your opinion?
  7. Why is she wearing the red ribbon? What does it stand for? 
  8. Does she address anybody in particular in her song?

If somebody else has answered a question and you feel like giving your own answer, go ahead! Your opinions are very valuable.

(Ideas belong to Vanesa)

stella :-)

Human Rights and SONGS

Watch and listen to these two songs. Answer in the COMMENTS section: What is the connection that you can find between these two songs and Human Rights?

"Get up, Stand up", by Bob Marley.

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2

If you want to learn more about this song, go to WIKIPEDIA. Would you like to listen to the song and read the lyrics? Click HERE.

There are two Bloody Sundays in Irish history. The first was in 1920 when British troops fired into the crowd at a football match in Dublin in retaliation for the killing of British undercover agents. The second was on January 30, 1972, when British paratroopers killed 13 Irish citizens at a civil rights protest in Derry, Northern Ireland. The song is more about the second Bloody Sunday. (thanks, Céire - Dublin, Ireland)

The lyrics are a nonpartisan condemnation of the historic bloodshed in Ireland - politics is not something you want to discuss in Ireland. Bono's lyrics in the song are more about interpersonal struggles than about the actual Bloody Sunday events.

Bono used to introduce this at concerts by saying: "This is not a rebel song."

U2 performed this in Croke Park, the site of the 1972 Bloody Sunday in Dublin.

Bono started writing this with political lyrics condemning the Irish Republican Army (the IRA), a militant group dedicated to getting British troops out of Northern Ireland. He changed them to point out the atrocities of war without taking sides.

While performing this, Bono would wave a white flag as a call for peace.

Bono was trying to contrast the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre with Easter Sunday, a peaceful day Protestants and Catholics both celebrate.


THIS TASK IS COMPULSORY (= OBLIGATORY). Due date: Friday 19th, September (at midday, at noon, at 12:00 pm)
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Harlem Hopscotch by Maya Angelou.

One foot down, then hop! It's hot.
Good things for the ones that's got.
Another jump, now to the left.
Everybody for hisself.

In the air, now both feet down.
Since you black, don't stick around.
Food is gone, the rent is due,
Curse and cry and then jump two.

All the people out of work,
Hold for three, then twist and jerk.
Cross the line, they count you out.
That's what hopping's all about.

Both feet flat, the game is done.
They think I lost, I think I won.

You can read more about her, and watch her videos and photographs if you go to her OFFICIAL SITE

A present!!

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We Refugees.

Enjoy the poem, now like a rap. You can SING ALONG and improve your pronunciation, fluency, intonation, etc.

Benjamin Zephaniah
To learn more about the poet, you can visit his OFFICIAL SITE (click here) 

To read the POEM, click here

  • Sense of longing for the homeland and sadness for the lack of brotherhood.
  • Racism due to skin colour, lack of respect for the beliefs they hold, prohibition of free expression.
  • Fixed gender roles in which women must be submissive to men’s imposition of power. Children forced to behave as adults either by working or going to war. Violation of their rights to play and have fun according to their age.
  • Deforestation for economic  reasons in collusion with the local government, forcing people to leave their lands.
  • Empathy(Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes). Political instability, climate change, disrespect, prejudices, discrimination, affect our lifestyle and may compel us to leave.
  • The uncontrollable forces of nature sometimes make people seek shelter in other geographical areas.
  • Persecution for holding different ideologies place people in life threatening circumstances.
  • Coexisting parallel realities, one image sold to the outside world while the dirt is swept under the carpet.
  • Deprivation of both the sense of belonging and the sense of self.
  • Suddenness of the possibility of becoming a refugee. After all aren’t refugees immigrants seeking better opportunities? Don’t we all descend from immigrants or their crossbreeding with natives?       

Credits: Vanesa          

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Children's Rights

The UN Convention consists of 41 articles, each of which details a different type of right. These rights are not ranked in order of importance; instead they interact with one another to form one integrated set of rights. A common approach is to group these articles together under the following themes:
  1. Survival rights: include the child’s right to life and the needs that are most basic to existence, such as nutrition, shelter, an adequate living standard, and access to medical services.
  2. Development rights: include the right to education, play, leisure, cultural activities, access to information, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
  3. Protection rights: ensure children are safeguarded against all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including special care for refugee children; safeguards for children in the criminal justice system; protection for children in employment; protection and rehabilitation for children who have suffered exploitation or abuse of any kind.
  4. Participation rights: encompass children's freedom to express opinions, to have a say in matters affecting their own lives, to join associations and to assemble peacefully. As their capacities develop, children should have increasing opportunity to participate in the activities of society, in preparation for adulthood.
SOURCE: http://www.childrensrights.ie/childrens-rights-ireland/un-convention-rights-child

To read something interesting, click on the title below:

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF

  1. read the summary
  2. chose ONE right 
  3. re-write it and post it to the comments section>>write the NUMBER of the right you've chosen.

If you want to read the FULL version, click HERE

This material will be needed for next week class.


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GAME time!

We´ve started a new topic: HUMAN RIGHTS.

The UN (United Nations) has a department called UNHCR. It stands for the UN Refugee Agency, that gives assistance, assylum and protection to people who seek for refuge all over the world.

They have developed this game in order to raise awareness on the topic. Have a look at the GAME and play it!! Not only will you LEARN MANY THINGS related to the topic, but also you'll realize why these rights are so important.

Click on the picture and access to AGAINST ALL ODDS (= CONTRA A VIENTO Y MAREA)

Enjoy it!!

N.B: This is CONTENT, so it'll be part of the TERM TEST, too!!

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Your legends.

  • LA CALZADA DE LOS GIGANTES. Comic strip available HERE

You can start uploading your own versions below. Remember to include a title and the students who wrote it!.


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History of Britain - RELOADED

Aldana created this FANTASTIC VIDEO  as part of her portfolio. I hope you like it, imitate her and profit from it. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE FULFILED TASK!!!!! stella :-)

domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

"At the beginning of the 20th century, the British Empire contained more than one quarter of the world’s population, and covered one quarter of the world’s land surface.

The Empire fell into two distinct parts: Britain and the dominions such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa; and those regions that were wholly or partly governed from London – Africa, India, the West Indies and the Far East. [...]" Read more from British Empire and Commonwealth Museum web page.

Watch these two videos.

  • The first video is more or less objective and it justifies the birth of such an empire. (It's a pity it doesn't have any music!)

Pay attention to TERRITORIAL EXPANSION throughout history.


  • Now watch the second video. What are these people´s views concerning The Commonwealth? Do they all agree? Do they share most/some opinions? Which ones? POST YOUR COMMENTS BELOW


stella :-)

British Conquers

The Empire is born

As you can see there were several countries that gained their independence in the 20C. Make a list of EACH country and the CONTINENT they belong to. You can use an encyclopaedia, an atlas, the internet, a geography book...whatever you have at hand.
Post your contributions below.

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Classroom stew

There are so many poets nearby that they wrote new stanzas...

Classroom  Stew

Add broken crayons, white chalk dust,
Pencil shavings, red scissors rust.
A pinch of paste, a dab of glue,
That’s what goes into Classroom Stew.

Pour in black paint, six drops of ink.
Squeeze the sponge from the classroom sink.
Mix eraser crumbs, and hand soap goo,
That’s what goes into Classroom Stew.

Sprinkle on fish food, eight lumps of clay,
Silver glitter, paper-mâché.
Rubber cement, gum off your shoe,
That’s what goes into Classroom Stew.

Stir it well; dump it in a cup,
Toast your teacher, and bottoms up.
Hold your belly before you spew.
Then flood the floor with Classroom Stew.

 By Douglas Evans
(Credits: Vanesa)

More school poems HERE

ADD YOUR STANZAS BELOW. Remember to include your names in each post.

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Cooking verbs

Let´s look up cooking verbs. Create your own glossary

The group of verbs above IS the beginning of our glossary. Can you find more?

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jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

This is Benjamin Zephaniah

The British
Take some Picts, Celts and Silures
And let them settle,
Then overrun them with Roman conquerors.

Remove the Romans after approximately 400 years
Add lots of Norman French to some
Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings, then stir vigorously.

Mix some hot Chileans, cool Jamaicans, Dominicans,
Trinidadians and Bajans with some Ethiopians, Chinese,
Vietnamese and Sudanese.

Then take a blend of Somalians, Sri Lankans, Nigerians
And Pakistanis,
Combine with some Guyanese
And turn up the heat.

Sprinkle some fresh Indians, Malaysians, Bosnians,
Iraqis and Bangladeshis together with some
Afghans, Spanish, Turkish, Kurdish, Japanese
And Palestinians
Then add to the melting pot.

Leave the ingredients to simmer.

As they mix and blend allow their languages to flourish
Binding them together with English.

Allow time to be cool.

Add some unity, understanding, and respect for the future,
Serve with justice
And enjoy.

Note: All the ingredients are equally important. Treating one ingredient better than another will leave a bitter unpleasant taste.

Warning: An unequal spread of justice will damage the people and cause pain. Give justice and equality to all. 
(The highlighted words do NOT belong to the original version)

The poem we read in class belongs to the book: Wicked World

Listen to the poem (and practise reading it!)

Would you like to know more about the poet? Visit his OFFICIAL SITE (click here). Would you like to read MORE POEMS?


stella :-)